A Strong Mallorca Property Market

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A Strong Mallorca Property Market

Tough times but Mallorca’s property market remains strong

There may be many reasons why the biggest of the Balearic Islands has sailed through stormy times and come through the other end in as good a shape as it went in. The geographical location to most of Western Europe is no doubt a key factor as a 2 hour flight is somewhat more appealing than a 6 or 8 hour flight, especially if you have the children with you. The continuing popularity of Mallorca amongst some of the world’s biggest stars and jet set crowd keep it’s name and images flowing across all of today’s media outlets and very importantly on social media too. The desire to be seen in the same towns, villages, restaurants and hang outs of the rich and famous has been a trend many have enjoyed for years. This modern day crowd have evolved in recent times soaking up the history, the stylish shopping, the varied landscapes and the wonderful cosmopolitan culture.

The island of Mallorca geographically offers homeowners and potential investors arguably the best collection of locations to buy a property. There are stunning seafront locations, mountain villages, historic old towns and sprawling inland country estates all to choose from. Then there are the varied mix of properties themselves, a stunning collection of deluxe Mallorquian homes. The city of Palma, it’s historic Old Town district and the south west of the island strethching down to Puerto D’Andratx remain the most popular areas and the most affluent too.

In these current times health and lifestyle are two key components of most peoples lives. Spending quality time on an island with a superb climate in itself is a joy to behold but also, by enjoying Mallorca’s Mediterranean gastronomy and participating in the huge range of sporting activities such as sailing and cycling, we have the ingredients for a much improved quality of life, key factors of Mallorca’s continued popularity.

Mallorca has kept afloat of the economic downturn that so badly affected Spain in recent years especially over on the mainland. Prices of property in the Spanish mainland took a tumble but have recently seen their first signs of recovery. The tight controls on building projects may have been received quite negatively in the Balearics some years ago but those same controls have certianly helped to maintain a level of stability and prosperity across all of the islands, especially in Mallorca.