Ibiza & Mallorca (Majorca) Balearic Living

The islands of Ibiza and Mallorca (Majorca), have two of the most thriving international communities in Spain. The largest groups of expatriots are from Britain and Germany and are attracted to the islands, not just because of their beauty and pleasant climate, but also because buying a property is relatively easy and there is a good selection of multi-lingual real-estate agents and legal advisors to guide investors through the whole process. Another advantage is that the islands have many local administrative and medical staff who are able to communicate in languages other than Spanish and both Mallorca and Ibiza fall firmly within the European Union thereby enjoying the benefits of reciprical agreements on immigration and public health services. There is a limit on the amount of property that can be built, as local authorities want to discourage over development so expats are generally advised to concentrate on existing properties rather than building plots. This is good news as it means that, even in the economic downturn, prices have not fallen and in some areas are now beginning to rise significantly.



The island is relatively easy to get to, as there are flights to the island from most areas of Europe every day during the summer. Flights are more restricted in winter but British Airways run a daily flight from London City Airport and other areas can be easily reached via Mallorca or mainland Spain. Ibiza has some of the most beautiful beaches, country side and lively, sophisticated nightlife in Europe, but the island has much more to offer than nightclubs and tourism. There are many properties in tranquil, rural areas which are ideal for families or retiring couples. Major towns and local villages enjoy the same amenities throughout the year.

The capital of Ibiza town is easily reached, excellent for shopping and rich in culture. Although several factors have contributed to above average property prices and cost of living in the past, recent years have seen a levelling out of prices and improved return on property investment. Our sister website, everything ibiza, dedicates itself to selling a diverse range of Ibiza properties from villas, fincas, apartments and commercial premises. Ibiza has a very strong expat community with an English speaking church, top-performing international schools and multi-lingual medical services. The lifestyle is laid-back and relaxed. There is a definite contrast in population between summer and winter but almost constant sunshine provides opportunities to partake in outdoor activities all year round.

mallorca (majorca)

The island’s international airport has daily flights to most European capital cities throughout the year, making travel easy and inexpensive Mallorca has no fewer than eight accredited, international schools so educating children in your own language is an option for those planning to live permanently on the island.

However for parents with school-age children it should be remembered that immersion from an early age will allow children to absorb the language and local Spanish schools have a very good reputation. The crime rate on Mallorca is considerably lower than in most European cities, petty criminals, such as pickpockets, exsist, but in some rural areas people still leave the doors to their homes unlocked as the threat of housebreaking is virtually non-existent.

Palma, the capital of Mallorca, has a population of over 300,000 people which equates to half the island’s total population, but this doubles at the height of the summer season. The island is ideal for those who enjoy outdoor pursuits, socialising and culture. It enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine per year and is equipped with sports facilities, restaurants and nightclubs, as well as several cinemas and theatres.