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Yellow folder with real estate contract in Ibiza and Mallorca

Homes Over Hotels

Business travel to Spain is on the increase so is owning a second home a better option than staying in hotels? All over Spain through 2014, increased travel in the business sector has been experienced with very positive signs this trend will continue throughout 2015. Promoters within the property...

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Ibiza Still The Number One

Ibiza…still the number one island for property investment And who has made this claim? Actually, it was The Sunday Times! Ibiza, this small oasis in the mediterranean sea has, in the past, been subject to some adverse and in most cases, unfair publicity. During past years, Ibiza has, being honest,...

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Protocol harbour in Palma Mallorca

Hello World

everything deluxe blog Hello world…I guess that means it’s time we started blogging! Why are we blogging? Our local team of property professionals have a huge amount of key property information and news that they want to share with not only their clients but also everyone who is interested...

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